2018 Organizers & Topics

Conference Organizers

Jade Wang, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Chris Hayes, University of California, Santa Barbara
Beth Lazazzera, University of California, Los Angeles

Session Chairs

Sean Crosson, University of Chicago
Kevin Foster, Oxford University
Ethan Gamer, Harvard University
Carol Gross, University of California, San Francisco
Rasika Harshey, University of Texas, Austin
Christophe Herman, Baylor College of Medicine
Michael Laub, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kimberley Seed, University of Californa, Berkeley
Liz Sockett, The University of Nottingham

Scientific Topics

Bacteriophage and CRISPR
Cell-cell Interactions, Microbial Community and Microbiome
Development and Cell Biology
Signaling and Cell Surfaces
DNA Replication, Recombination, and Repair
Transcription Mechanisms and Regulation
Translation, Postranscriptional Regulation, and Proteolysis
Systems Biology and Bioinformatics
Pathogenesis and Host Microbe Interactions
Physiology and Metabolism
Ecology and Evolution

Conference Policy on Harassment and Discrimination