Keynote Speaker

Dr. George O’Toole, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Session Chairs

Dr. Ana Flores-Mireles, University of Notre Dame
Dr. Pallavi Ghosh, Wadsworth Center
Dr. Mark Mandel, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dr. Karen Maxwell, University of Toronto
Dr. Luisa Hiller, Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Prahathees Eswara, University of South Florida
Dr. Bruno Lima, University of Minnesota
Dr. Elizabeth Campbell, Rockefeller University
Dr. Carol Gross, University of California, San Francisco

Conference Organizers

Patricia Champion, University of Notre Dame
Lyle Simmons, University of Michigan
Julia van Kessel, Indiana University

Scientific Topics

Host Microbe Interactions
Bacterial Systems Biology
Signaling & Stress Responses
Beneficial Microbes
Phages & CRISPR
Cell & Membrane Biology
Chromosomes and Replication
Bacterial Physiology
Regulation of Gene Expression

Important dates

Registration Open: February 5
Abstract Submission Open: February 5
Oral Abstract Submission Deadline: June 10
Poster Abstract Submission Deadline: June 26
Abstract Selection Notifications: June 27
Sternberg Award Nomination Deadline: May 15
Cancellation Deadline: June 21