We’re happy to announce that the 2024 US-EU Transport Task Force Workshop will be hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and take place in Asheville, North Carolina on April 9 –  12, 2024, at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Asheville.

The goal of the US-EU Transport Task Force (TTF) is to develop a physics-based understanding of particle, momentum and heat transport in magnetically confined fusion plasmas. This understanding should be of sufficient depth that it allows the development of predictive models of plasma transport that can be validated against experiment, and then used to simulate the future performance of burning plasmas and aid the design and optimization of next-step fusion energy reactors. To achieve success in transport science, it is essential to characterize local fluctuations and transport in fusion grade plasmas, to understand the basic mechanisms responsible for transport, and ultimately to control these transport processes. These goals must be pursued in multiple research thrusts, and the TTF workshop focus topics evolve to reflect emerging advances in physics understanding.

Image Credits:
Left: Beam Emission Spectroscopy Data on DIII-D; U. Wisconsin, DIII-D National Fusion Facility
Right: TOKAM-2D Simulation, M. Peret, CEA, West, E. Polytechnique, France

Thank you!