The 2022 C. elegans “Topics” Meeting “Metabolism, Aging, Pathogenesis, and Stress” (MAPS 2022), on campus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Memorial Union will host researchers studying fundamental questions regarding increasing healthspan and reducing aging-associated decline.

With cautious optimism the meeting will be held in person and we look very much forward to welcoming as many people as possible to attend. An exceptional program of speakers studying diverse aspects of C. elegans biology has been lined up.

Because uncertainty around the world continues, and because we cannot, by law, mandate vaccines or masks, we request all participants to please be mindful of the fragility of the current ‘new normal’. We recommend all participants mask at all times when indoors, vaccinations, and getting tested if you feel at all unwell. If needed, we will reevaluate the meeting by the end of March and migrate to an online format if circumstances demand.

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Coleen Murphy, Princeton University

Dr. Keith Blackwell, Joslin Diabetes Center Harvard Medical School Department of Genetics

Conference Organizers:

Veena Prahlad, University of Iowa
Alex Soukas, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Supriya Srinivasan, The Scripps Research Institute


2022 Awardees:

Best Lightning Round Talk (Friday)

Adwait Godbole (UMass Chan), “Sadenosylmethionine synthases specify distinct H3K4me3 populations and gene expression patterns during heat stress.”

Best Lightning Round Talk (Saturday)

Hala Tamim El Jarkass, “An Intestinally Secreted Host Factor Promotes Microsporidia Invasion of C. elegans.”

Best Short Talk (selected by peer review from abstracts):

Manish Grover (Imperial College UK), “Identification of neuronal and epidermal determinants of immune signaling underlying oomycete recognition in C. elegans” 

Best Posters:

First place (tied)

Caitlin M. Lange (Caroline Kumsta’s lab, Sanford Burnham Prebys), “Differential roles of Atg8 proteins in mediating hormesis in C. elegans”

Roy Li  (Chaogu Zheng’s lab, University of Hong Kong), “Monomethyl branched-chain fatty acids-rich diet promotes lipid droplet enlargement through SCAV-4/CD36 in C. elegans”         

Second place

Nicholas Peterson (Reed Pukkila-Worley’s lab, UMass Chan), “Bacterial pattern recognition in C. elegans by a nuclear hormone receptor”        

Invited Speakers:

Alejandro Aballay, Oregon Health & Science University
Erik Andersen, Northwestern University
Adam Antebi, Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing
Kaveh Ashrafi, University of California San Francisco
Ryan Baugh, Duke University
Bart Braeckman, Ghet University
Anne Brunet, Stanford University
Ehud Cohen, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Sean Curran, University of Southern California
Della David, University of Tubingen, Germany
Martin Denzel, Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing
Peter Douglas, University of Texas Southwestern
Monica Driscoll, Rutgers University
Danielle Garsin, McGovern Medical School, University of Texas, Houston
Arjumand Ghazi, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Eric Greer, Harvard/Boston Children’s Hospital
Sarah Hall, Syracuse University
Min Han, University of Colorado, Boulder
Malene Hansen, Buck Institute
Cole Haynes, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
Javier Irazoqui, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
Scott Kennedy, Harvard Medical School
Dennis Kim, Harvard/Boston Children’s Hospital
Seung-Jae Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Siu Silvia Lee, Cornell University
Dengke Ma, University of California San Francisco                                    


Will Mair, Harvard School of Public Health
Dana Miller, University of Washington, Seattle
Amy Pasquinelli, University of California San Diego
Mark Pellegrino, University of Texas Arlington
Michael Petraschek, Scripps Research Institute
Carolyn Phillips, University of Southern California
Marc Pilon, University of Gothenberg
Read Pukkila-Worley, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
David Raizen, University of Pennsylvania
Michael Ristow, ETH Zurich
Gary Ruvkun, Harvard/Massachusetts General Hospital
Buck Samuel, Baylor College of Medicine
Frank Schroeder, Cornell University
Michael Shapira, University of California Berkeley
Stefan Taubert, University of British Columbia
Rebecca Taylor, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Emily Troemel, University of California San Diego
David Vilchez, University of Cologne, Germany
Marian Walhout, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
Amy Walker, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
Meng Wang, Baylor College of Medicine
Jennifer Watts, Washington State University       

Important dates:

Registration Open: March 1, 2022
Abstract Submission Open: March 1, 2022
Early Bird Deadline: March 25, 2022
Oral Abstract Deadline: May 6, 2022
Poster Abstract Deadline: May 27, 2022

Notifications: June 10, 2022
Housing Deadline: June 14, 2022

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