Conference Schedule

*Tentative schedule – subject to change*

Thursday, June 20

4:30 PM Opening Social Tripp Commons
6:00 PM Introductory Remarks Shannon Hall
6:10 PM Keynote:  Lysosomal Signaling Regulates Longevity across the Scale Meng Wang

HHMI Janelia Research Campus

6:45 PM Session #1: The Sidney Brenner and H. Robert Horvitz Session

Session Chairs: Caroline Kumsta and Ye Tian

6:45 PM Cold Temperature Delays Aging and Proteostasis Collapse David Vilchez

CECAD-University of Cologne

7:00 PM Vitamin B12 Rescues DGLA-Induced Ferroptosis Michael Mortensen

Jennifer Watts Lab

Washington State University

7:15 PM Serotonin Deficiency from Constitutive SKN-1 Activation Drives Pathogen Apathy Tripti Nair

Sean Curran Lab

University of Southern California

7:30 PM Refreshment Break Shannon Hall Lobby
8:00 PM A Shared Mechanism by Which Hypoxia and Intra-Complex Genetic Suppressors Rescue Mitochondrial Complex I Mutants Joshua Meisel

Brandeis University

8:15 PM The Role of Lipid Homeostasis in Mitochondrial Surveillance and Innate Immunity Lois Armendariz

Natasha Kirienko Lab

Rice University

8:30 PM A Cell Non-Autonomous Pathway Drives Metabolism and the Mitochondrial UPR Promoting Host Resistance during Infection Yiting Xu

Mark Pellegrino Lab

University of Texas at Arlington

8:45 PM Metabolic Regulation of Feeding Behaviors Keith Blackwell

Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School

Friday, June 21

8:00 AM Coffee/Tea Shannon Hall Lobby
8:30 AM Session #2: The Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier Session

Session Chairs: Ashley Frakes and Robert Luallen

Shannon Hall


8:30 AM C. elegans Response to Infection by the Orsay Virus and Microsporidia Emily Troemel

University of California, San Diego

8:55 AM Activation of C. elegans intestinal immunity by pathogen effector-triggered aggregation of the guard protein TIR-1 on lysosome-related organelles Samantha Tse

Read Pukkila-Worley Lab

University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School

9:10 AM CDC-48 Influences the SKN-1 Activity in Response to Pathogen Infection Carolaing Gabaldon

Danielle Garsin Lab

UTHealth Medical School

9:25 AM Endogenous Mitochondrial NAD(P)H Fluorescence Predicts Lifespan Chris Morrow

Will Mair Lab

Harvard T.H. Chang SPH

9:40 AM Post-Transcriptional Induction of Fatty Acid Biosynthesis Enables Biguanide-Mediated Lifespan Extension in Caenorhabditis elegans Fasih Ahsan

Alex Soukas Lab

Massachusetts General Hospital

9:55 AM Refreshment Break Shannon Hall Lobby
10:30 AM Chromodomain Containing Proteins CEC-3 and CEC-6 Restrict Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance under Heat Stress Conditions Phoebe Bhagoutie

Arneet Saltzman Lab

University of Toronto

10:45 AM Proximity Labeling Identifies New Germ Granule and Germline Small RNA Factors in C. elegans Sebastian Fuentes

Julie Claycomb Lab

University of Toronto

11:00 AM C. elegans Hyper-Variable Regions Likely Underlie Species-Wide Adaptation to Pathogens and Other Environmental Stresses Nicolas Moya

Erik Anderson Lab

Johns Hopkins University

11:15 AM Modular Small Molecules Play a Central Role in C. elegans Physiology Arnaud Tauffenberger

Frank Schroeder Lab

Boyce Thompson Institute

11:30 AM A TFEB-TGFβ Axis Systemically Regulates Diapause, Stem Cell Longevity and Protects Against Senescence Adam Antebi

Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing

12:00 PM Lunch Tripp Commons
2:00 PM Session #3: The Martin Chalfie Session

Session Chairs: Heather Hundley and Josh Meisel

Shannon Hall
2:00 PM Life, Death, Disease, and Motherhood: How C. elegans Survives and Protects its Young Coleen Murphy

Princeton University

2:25 PM Systems-Level Worm Perturb-Seq Reveals Landscapes of Metabolic Rewiring and Wiring Hefei Zhang

Marian Walhout Lab

University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School

2:40 PM Characterizing the Biogenesis of Sexually Dimorphic piRNAs in C. elegans Victoria Murphy

John Kim Lab

Johns Hopkins University

2:55 PM The Dopaminergic Stress Response: Ensuring Viability at the Cost of Neurotransmission Kielen Zuubier

Peter Douglas Lab

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

3:10 PM Refreshment Break Shannon Hall Lobby
3:45 PM Individual Variation of Host Immunity Jonathan Lalsiamthara

Alejandro Aballay Lab

MD Anderson

4:10 PM Proteolysis of Fatty Acid Synthase Signals Pan-Stress Resolution Ben Weaver

UT Southwestern Medical Center

4:25 PM Conserved RNA Helicase A Facilitates Small RNA Biogenesis and Preserves Germline Fertility Olivia Gaylord

Heng-Chi Lee Lab

University of Chicago

4:40 PM A fat-2 Suppressor Screen Reveals Genetic Adaptations to Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Deficiency Delaney Kaper

Marc Pilon Lab

University of Gothenburg

5:00 PM Lightening Talks Shannon Hall
5:30 PM Dinner Tripp Commons
7:30 PM Poster Session A – Even Numbers Great Hall

Saturday, June 22

8:00 AM Coffee/Tea Shannon Hall Lobby
8:30 AM Session #4: The Carolyn Bertozzi Session

Session Chair: Jennifer Powell and Wen Tang

Shannon Hall
8:30 AM Regulation of Autophagy in Aging and Disease Malene Hansen

The Buck Institute

8:55 AM Eukaryotic Elongation Factor 2 Kinase EFK-1/eEF2K Promotes Starvation Resistance by Preventing Oxidative Damage in C. elegans Junran Yan

Stefan Taubert Lab

University of British Columbia

9:10 AM The TWK-26 Potassium Channel Governs Nutrient Absorption in the C. elegans Intestine Sarah Torzone

Robert Dowen Lab

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

9:25 AM Identifying the Aging Intestine Secretome and its Role in Lifespan Regulation Jason Miklas

Anne Brunet Lab

Stanford University

9:40 AM  

Exploring the Regulation and Function of an Ancient microRNA Family in C. elegans


Kasuen Kotagama

Katherine McJunkin Lab

National Institutes of Health

9:55 AM Refreshment Break Shannon Hall Lobby
10:30 AM Chemical and Elemental Imaging of Caenorhabditis elegans with MALDI and LA-ICP Mass Spectrometry Tian (Autumn) Qiu

Michigan State University

10:45 AM DNA Damage Induced Acetyl-CoA Dynamics in Aging Aditi Gurkar

University of Pittsburgh

11:00 AM Dual Transcriptional Programs Coordinate Lipogenic and UPRGolgi Programs in C. elegans and Human Cells Amy Walker

University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School

11:15 AM siRNA Handoff During RNAi Tai Montgomery

Colorado State University

11:30 AM A Frameshift Between Overlapping ORFs of the ZIP-2 Transcription Factor Detects and Defends Translational Elongation Defects Gary Ruvkun

Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

12:00 PM Lunch Tripp Commons
2:00 PM Session #5: The Craig Mello and Andrew Fire Session

Session Chairs: Arneet Saltzman and Ryo Sanabria

Shannon Hall
2:00 PM Roles for Small RNAs in Stress and Fertility Amy Pasquinelli

University of California, San Diego

2:25 PM Compartmentalization of Small RNA Pathways Contributes to Binding Specificity for Nuclear Argonaute Proteins Shihui Chen

Carolyn Phillips Lab

University of Southern California

2:40 PM Stress-activated KGB-1/JNK MAPK and Altered Competition Enables Microbiome Remodeling Providing Protection from Environmental Toxins Sarah El Khoury

Michael Shapira Lab

University of California, Berkeley

2:55 PM Investigating Mechanisms of Microsporidia Host Cell Invasion and Specificity in Nematodes Jonathan Tersigni

Aaron Reinke Lab

University of Toronto

3:10 PM Refreshment Break Shannon Hall Lobby
3:45 PM Regulation of an Extracellular Unfolded Protein Response Cole Haynes

University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School

4:10 PM Stress-Driven Microbial Evolution to Improve Host Health and Longevity Ajay Bhat

Scott Leiser Lab

University of Michigan

4:25 PM An Ancient System that Excises Transposons from Host mRNAs Scott Kennedy

Harvard Medical School

4:40 PM Gametogenesis Mutants Reveal Molecular Links between Reproduction, Fat Metabolism, and Longevity in C. elegans Amaresh Chaturbedi

Sylvia Lee Lab

Cornell University

5:00 PM Lightening Talks Shannon Hall
5:30 PM Dinner Tripp Commons
7:30 PM Poster Session B – Odd Numbers Great Hall
9:00 PM Dance Tripp Commons

Sunday, June 23

8:00 AM Coffee/Tea Shannon Hall Lobby
8:30 AM Session #6: The Katelyn Karikó Session

Session Chair: Claire Richardson and Robert Dowen

Shannon Hall
8:30 AM Microbial Modulation of Neuron-Specific DAF-7 Expression and Behavioral State Dennis Kim

Harvard University

8:55 AM DAF-18/PTEN Protein-Phosphatase Activity Promotes Starvation Resistance During L1 arrest Jingxian Chen

Ryan Baugh Lab

Duke University

9:10 AM G Protein-Coupled Receptor NMUR-1 Regulates Enery Homeostasis and ROS Production in Response to Pathogen Infections Phillip Wibisono

Jingru Sun Lab

Washington State University

9:25 AM On the Influence of the Nervous System on Lipid Metabolism and Longevity Supriya Srinivasan

The Scripps Research Institute

9:40 AM N-glycosylation of SKN-1/Nrf Fine-Tunes Stress Responses Nic Lehrbach

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

9:55 AM Refreshment Break Shannon Hall Lobby
10:30 AM Neuronal Control of Mitochondrial Stress Response: Implications for Aging and Health Ye Tian

Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

10:45 AM In Search of the ER Guardian of Oxygen Galaxy: How Worm(holes) and AI Can Help Dengke Ma

University of California, San Franscisco

10:55 AM Neuronal ILC-17.1 Controls the C. elegans dauer Pathway Through CEP-1: Ancestral Roles for IL-17 and p53? Veena Prahlad

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

11:10 AM HLH-30/TFEB-Mediated Control of the Host Response Javier Irazoqui

University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School

11:25 AM Macroautophagy Contributes to Lysosome Damage and Impaired Re-Activation of Quiescent Cells Andrew Dillin

University of California, Berkeley

11:50 AM Concluding Remarks Shannon Hall
12:00 PM Lunch with CE Neuro Meeting Attendees Tripp Commons

Keynote Speaker

Meng Wang, HHMI Janelia Research Campus

Invited Speakers

Aaron Reinke, University of Toronto
Adam Antebi, Max Planck Institute
Aditi Gurkar, University of Pittsburg
Alejandro Aballay, Oregon Health & Science University
Alex Soukas, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Amy Pasquinelli, University of California, San Diego
Amy Walker, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
Andrew Dillin, University of California, Berkeley
Anne Brunet, Stanford University
Arjumaund Ghazi, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
Ben Weaver, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Cole Haynes, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
Coleen Murphy, Princeton University
Danielle Garsin, University of Texas Health Science Center
David Vilchez, University of Cologne, Germany
Denke Ma, University of California, San Francisco
Dennis Kim, Boston Children’s Hospital
Emily Troemel, University of California, San Diego
Erik Anderson, Northwestern University
Frank Schroeder, Cornell University
Gary Ruvkun, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Heng-Chi Lee, University of Chicago
Javier Irazoqui, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
Jennifer Watts, Washington State University
Jingru Sun, Washington State University
Julie Claycomb, University of Toronto
Katherine McJunkin, National Institute of Health
Keith Blackwell, Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School
Liu Ying, Peking University
Malene Hansen, The Buck Institute
Marc Pilon, University of Gothenburg
Marian Walhout, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
Mark Pellegrino, University of Texas, Arlington
Natasha Kirienko, Rice University
Nicolas Lehrbach, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Ryan Baugh, Duke University
Scott Leiser, University of Michigan
Sean Curran, University of Southern California
Stephen Taubert, University of British Columbia
Supriya Srinivasan, The Scripps Research Institute
Sylvia Lee, Cornell University
Tai Montgomery, Colorado State University
Veena Prahlad, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
Will Mair, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health