Organizers & Topics

2024 Keynote Speakers:

Jeffrey I. Gordon, Washington University in St. Louis

Mónica Medina, Pennsylvania State University

2024 Session Chairs:

Rosanna A. AlegadoUniversity of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa

Elizabeth L. JohnsonCornell University

Jens KrethOregon Health & Science University

Elizabeth K. MallottWashington University in St. Louis

Mark J. MandelUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison

Irene L.G. NewtonIndiana University

Corlett W. Wood, University of Pennsylvania

2024 Conference Co-Chairs:

Kevin Kohl, University of Pittsburgh

Katherine Lemon, Baylor College of Medicine

2024 Scientific Topics:

One Health and Beneficial Microbes

Microbe-Host Interaction at a Molecular Scale

Ecology and Evolution of Microbe-Host Interactions

Microbe-Microbe Interactions in the Context of a Host

Environmental and Social Drivers of Microbiome Composition & Function

Harnessing/Constructing Beneficial Microbes

2024 Planning Committee:

Rosie Alegado, University of Hawaii

Robert Britton, Baylor College of Medicine

Nichole Broderick, Johns Hopkins University

David Clarke, University of Cork

Elizabeth Johnson, Cornell University

Mark Mandel, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Eric Martens, University of Michigan

Kat Milligan-McClellen, University of Connecticut

Federico Rey, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Buck Samuel, Baylor College of Medicine