Organizers & Topics

Keynote Speakers:

Saskia Hogenhout, John Innes Center

Eduardo Groisman, Yale University

Session Chairs:

Brittany Belin, Carnegie Institution for Science

Suzanne Devkota, Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Heidi Goodrich-Blair, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Kevin Kohl, University of Pittsburgh

Kat Milligan-McClellan, University of Connecticut

Federico Rey, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Katrine Whiteson, University of California-Irvine

Conference Co-Chairs:

Nichole Broderick, Johns Hopkins University

Eric Martens, University of Michigan

Scientific Topics:

Ecology and Evolution of Microbe-Host Interactions

Developmental Impact of Microbes

Host Factors Shaping the Microbiome

Microbe-Host Interactions at the Molecular Scale

Social Interactions and Microbial Transmission

Constructing/Harnessing Beneficial Microbe Communities

The Role of Immunity in Host-Microbe Interactions

Planning Committee:

Rosie Alegado, University of Hawaii

Robert Britton, Baylor College of Medicine

David Clarke, University of Cork

Karen Guillemin, University of Oregon

Kevin Kohl, University of Pittsburgh

Katherine Lemon, Baylor College of Medicine

Mark Mandel, University of Wisconsin-Madison