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2022 Conference Schedule

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Sunday, July 10, 2022

5:30pWelcome and Keynote AddressShannon Hall
Phytoplasmas – Beneficial Microbes of Insects and Pathogens of PlantsSaskia Hoegenhout
6:30pOpening ReceptionTripp Commons

Monday, July 11, 2022

9:00aSession I – Developmental Impact of MicrobesShannon Hall
Adapting an Evolutionary Model Organism for Host-microbe StudiesSession Host:
Kat Milligan-McClellan
9:30aSocial Interactions with Non-maternal Caregivers Influence the Diversity of Skin and Gut Microbial Communities of Infants Living in ChicagoMelissa B. Manus
9:45aWolbachia is a Nutritional MutualistAmelia Lindsey
10:30aFeatures of the Gut Microbiome Relate to Allergic Respiratory Phenotypes in Urban ChildrenMustafa Özçam
10:45aNeonatal Microbes Stimulate Beta-cell DevelopmentJennifer Hill
11:00aA Natural C. elegans Microbiome Bacterium, Pseudomonas lurida, Can Restore Normal Development in Insulin Signaling MutantsNick Burton
11:15aGut Colonization with a Branched Chain Amino Acid Synthesis Mutant of Phocaeicola (Bacteroides) vulgatus Affects Host Organ MetabolismJay Jawahar
11:45aLunchProfile/Tripp Deck
1:00pSession II: Host Factors Shaping the MicrobiomeShannon Hall
Gut Bacterial Catabolism of Purines, its Relationship with Systemic Levels of Uric Acid and Host Disease  Session Host: Federico Rey
1:30pNutritional Programming of Host-microbiome Interactions in Caenorhabditis elegansDana Blackburn
1:45pMicron-scale Biogeography of Bacteria and Host within a Reproductive Organ of the Hawaiian Bobtail SquidDerrick Kamp
2:30pA Physical Niche Regulates Stable Association of a
Multispecies Gut Microbiota in Drosophila
Will Ludington
2:45pA Short Chain Fatty Acid-centric View of Clostridioides difficile PathogenesisAndrew J. Hryckowian
3:00pA Healthy Human Microbiota Contains Members that Prevent Colon Cancer and Enhance ImmunotherapyAllison Weis
3:15pHigh-fat Diet Disrupts Diurnal Interactions Between Small Intestinal Host Innate Immune Factor REG3γ and Gut Microbiota Resulting in Metabolic DysfunctionKatya Fraizer
3:30pPoster Session: Odd-Numbered Great Hall
5:30pDinnerProfile/Tripp Deck
6:30pMicrobial NetworkingTripp Commons

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

9:00aSession III: Ecology and Evolution of Microbe-Host InteractionsShannon Hall
Who’s in Charge Here?: Microbial Contributions to Animal Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution Session Chair: Kevin Kohl
9:30aDiversity, Evolution and Role of the Bombella Bacteria Associated with Stingless BeesLílian Caesar
9:45aUniversal Microbial Relationships in the Gut Microbiota of Wild BaboonsElizabeth Archie
10:30aExploring Coral Symbiosis in the Undergraduate Lab Setting Through Use of CUREsAngela Z. Poole
10:45aReduced Microbiome Richness Leads to Poorer Community Stability and Lower Parasite FitnessMargaret L. Doolin
11:00aIncreases in Genome Complexity Exacerbate Transcript Dosage Imbalance in a Cicada EndosymbiontNoah J. Spencer
11:15aVibrio fischeri Coculture Results in Extensive Horizontal Gene Transfer and Mosaicism in Evolved GenomesStephanie Smith
11:45aLunchProfile/Tripp Deck
1:00pSession IV: Social Interactions and Microbial TransmissionShannon Hall
Hopanoid Lipids in the Legume:rhizobia SymbiosisSession Chair: Brittany Belin
1:30pSocial-like Behavior is still Inducible in the Evolutionarily Asocial Mexican Cave Tetra by a Dietary InterventionMasato Yoshizawa
1:45pTrachymyrmex septentrionalis Ants Promote Fungus Garden Hygiene Using Trichoderma-derived Metabolite CuesKathleen Kyle
2:30pEarly Life Assembly of the Salivary Microbiome is Associated with Maternal Microbiome and Future Dental CariesFreida Blostein
2:45pStaphylococcus aureus Secreted Factors Antagonize Biofilm Growth and Nasal Cell Colonization by Commensal Corynebacterium SpeciesJoshua Huffines
3:00pIntra- and Transgenerational Maintenance and Function of Dung Beetle MicrobiotaJoshua Jones
3:15pHigh Levels of Cyclic Di-guanylate Interfere with Initiation of a Beneficial SymbiosisRuth Y. Isenberg
3:30pFree Afternoon & Evening

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

9:00aPoster Session: Even-NumberedGreat Hall
11:00aSession V: Microbe-Host Interactions at the Molecular ScaleShannon Hall
Maintaining Work-Life Balance When You Are a Bacterial SymbiontSession Chair: Heidi Goodrich-Blair
11:30aInvestigating Cobamides as a Driver of Skin Microbiome Community DynamicsMary Hannah Swaney
11:45aSymbiont-induced Epigenetic Changes in the Host Genome during the Initiation of the Squid-vibrio PartnershipNoelle Rubas
12:15pLunchProfile/Tripp Deck
1:15pGut Microbial Metabolism of Dietary Polyphenols in Health and DiseaseJan Claesen
1:30pSteinernema Nematodes as Genetic Models to Study Mutualistic and Parasitic SymbiosisMengyi Cao
1:45pThe Role of Bacterial Genotype in Persistence of the Microbiota of Drosophila melanogasterSarah Gottfredson
2:00pMetabolism of Dietary Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids by Gut MicrobesJanine Comrie
2:30pSession VII: Constructing/harnessing Beneficial MicrobeShannon Hall
Making Sense of the Unknowns in Metagenomic and Metabolomic Dark MatterSession Host:
Katrine Whitson
3:00pThe Glucoamylase Inhibitor Acarbose Targets Intracellular Glucosidases, Limiting the Growth of Gut Bacteroides Haley A. Brown
3:15pThe Ecological Mechanisms Underlying Diversity-Mediated Pathogen Inhibition on Amphibian SkinMelissa Y. Chen
3:45pCooperation and Competition for Xanthan Gum in Gut MicrobiomesMatthew Ostrowski
4:00pIngestible Paramagnetic Beads with Surface-linked Nutrients for In Vivo Multiplexed Analysis of Gut Microbiota MetabolismDarryl Wesener
4:15pNectar-dwelling Bacteria Increase Protein Release from Pollen by Inducing Germination and BurstingShawn Christensen
4:30pA Secondary Metabolite Drives Intraspecies Antagonism in a Gut Symbiont that is Inhibited by Cell Wall AcetylationJeehwan Oh
6:00pKeynote AddressShannon Hall
Divergent Forms of Highly Conserved Proteins Promote Fitness of Commensal Bacterium in the Mammalian GutEduardo Groisman
7:00pBanquetGreat Hall
8:00Evening ReceptionTripp Commons

Thursday, July 14, 2022

9:00aSession VIII: The Role of Immunity in Host-Microbe InteractionsShannon Hall
Compensatory Actions of the Gut Microbiome during Times of Chronic Nutritional StressSession Host: Suzanne Devkota
9:30aUnraveling the Molecular Basis of Microbiota-Induced Immune ToleranceMorgan J. Engelhart
9:45aCommensal Microbes Fortify the Skin Barrier through the Control of Tryptophan-Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor CascadeAayushi Uberoi
10:30aA Family of Bacterial Mutualism Factors Mitigates both Bacterial Virulence and Host InflammationCatherine D. Robinson
10:45aSilent Recognition of Flagellins from Human Gut Commensal Bacteria by Toll-like Receptor 5 Sara J. Clasen
11:00aHelicobacter pylori at the Host-microbe Interface: Modulation of the Host Antioxidant ResponseMaia Baskerville
11:15aBenefits of Saccharibacteria (TM7): Epibiont that Prevents Inflammatory ResponseBatbileg Bor
11:30aPoster Awards & Flash TalksShannon Hall
12:00pClosing RemarksShannon Hall
12:15pBoxed LunchLobby