Student Presentation Award Competition

Abstracts submitted by students who are WDA members are eligible to participate in the WDA Student Presentation Award Competition. Students, who are WDA members, who would like to be considered for the WDA Student Presentation Award Competition must follow the abstract guidelines and criteria outlined here.

WDA Student Definition:

  • Enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate student program at least half-time, or
  • Be participating full-time in an internship or residency program which is approved for credit towards board certification or graduate degree.

Abstracts must be submitted through the online portal before the March 18, 2022 deadline and submitters must select YES to the following three questions and will be scored by the Student Awards Committee (SAwC). All other abstracts will be reviewed by the Conference Program Committee.

  1. Are you a current WDA member?
  2. Are you a current student (as defined by the WDA)?
  3. Would you like your presentation to be considered for the WDA Student Presentation Awards competition?