Conference Panels

This year we will be holding three panel sessions during the conference. The hour-long panel sessions are designed to foster and encourage discussion and debate on hot topics in wildlife health. The panel sessions will be thought-provoking and insightful, will present diverse perspectives on current issues, and educate, inspire, and spark your curiosity. We hope you wil participate and be part of the debate regarding the future of wildlife health.

Session 1: The Future of Training for Wildlife Health Professionals

Kirsten Gilardi, University of California, Davis (Moderator)

Mark Ruder, Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Diseases Study

Kelly Straka, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Chris Walzer, Wildlife Conservation Society

Session 2: Can We Create Transformative Change in Wildlife Health?

LeAnn White, USGS National Wildlife Health Center (Moderator)

Thijs Kuiken, Department of Viroscience, Erasmus University Medical Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Purnamita Dasgupta, Environmental and Resource Economics Unit, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi, India

Hans Keune, Department of Family Medicine and Population Health, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Session 3: The Power of Collaborations for One Health Outcomes

Carlos Goncalo ‘das Neves (Moderator)

Casey Barton Behravesh, CDC

Catherine Machalaba, EcoHealth Alliance

Danielle Buttke, National Park Service