We ask that all attendees of the 70th Annual International Conference of WDA help us uphold principles of environmental sustainability outlined in WDA’s Charter of Values. The conference planning committee is reviewing each day’s activities to help achieve a “Green Event” certification through the University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of Sustainability.

Everyone registered for the conference should bring their own re-useable mug for refreshments – better yet, bring your mug from the Lake Tahoe meeting! This will serve as your coffee/beer/wine/water drinking vessel all week.

All of the event information will be available in electronic format for each of use and to minimize printed materials.

Recycling and composting options will be front and center in all venues; please use them whenever possible.

Live in the Midwest? Consider taking a bus to Madison instead of flying.

Madison is a great walking and biking city. The Concourse Hotel maintains a shuttle that can be used to get to downtown from the Madison airport; no need to rent a car. Madison has an excellent bike share program; there is a station around the corner from the conference hotel and several throughout the university campus. We also encourage use of public transportation and ridesharing whenever possible in the Madison area.

We are planning a contribution or hands-on activity that WDA will contribute to with a goal of achieving a carbon offset or local community environmental justice objective.