Student Mentor Mixer

Mentors Needed

The Student Committee is asking for help! The Committee offers a student-mentor mixer at the International WDA Conference and this summer the event is sponsored by the American College of Zoological Medicine! The student-mentor mixer is Tuesday, July 26 from 5:30 to 6:30pm. Come to the mixer and have a free drink and snacks with students before the auction!

We need mentors who can speak with students about the following career options:

  • Wildlife Parasitology
  • Wildlife Pathology
  • Zoological Veterinary Medicine
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Free-Ranging Wildlife Veterinary Medicine
  • Wildlife Epizootiology

Please consider serving as a mentor. If interested, please send an email to Shelli Dubay at and include the career option most relevant for your work.

Thank you for considering our request!