Wildlife Disease Investigation Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to provide participants with the basic skills to investigate a wildlife disease or mortality event effectively, and safely. Participants will engage in a complete mock, hands-on disease/die-off investigation scenario, including initial field investigation and sample collection from wildlife carcasses.  The following topics will be emphasized:

  • Field Investigation techniques
  • Specific necropsy and sample collection protocols for different taxa
  • Comprehensive data collection including photographs
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Sample handling, preparation, shipment, and archiving

Participants will have access to and be expected to review study modules prior to the workshop. These modules will include materials (PDF’s, PowerPoints, and videos) that cover the key topics listed above.

Participants will be tested and graded on their skills.  Those passing the course will receive a certificate of competency and completion.

The course will be taught by wildlife health professionals from within and outside the Madison area with expertise in disease investigation, veterinary medicine, and pathology.

Who:**This workshop is limited to 24 students or early career professionals (defined as up to 2 years post graduate).  There will be12 teams of 2 so that there is a high instructor to student ratio.  This will allow us to ensure that participants are indeed utilizing correct protocols for collecting and handling samples.

When: Saturday July 23rd, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Where: The veterinary Diagnostic lab at the University of Wisconsin Madison, WI USA and

Cost: $50.00

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